Resin Printers


SLA or resin printers are machines that use a photosensitive liquid as an input that hardens by the action of light.
It has a transparent bottom tray in which the photopolymer (resin) is deposited and the light is projected by a screen located under the tray.
The screen, generally backlit with UV light, projects a sequence of images, each one with a certain duration, while the placonstruction platform is desplago up.
Layer upon layer, the piece is formed and “comes out” of the tray that contains the liquid.


These types of printers produce parts with a higher level of detail than FDM (filament) printers. They are equipment widely used in dentistry, jewelry and printing of figures with a high level of detail.


Jewelers benefit from these printers by using castable resins to create figures impossible to achieve with other methods.


Dentists can create dental models and surgical guides, among other uses.


There are some types of resins with different characteristics, such as low odour, castable or with greater mechanical resistance, among others.

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