Technical service

Our team of technicians has many years of experience in the manufacture and maintenance of 3D printers of all brands. We have our own laboratory where we repair, calibrate and update equipment of any make and model.

our technical service includes


We make custom improvements to equipment to improve its performance. Your machine may work with other materials, print faster, or be more reliable.
· Remplahotend zo
Change of extruder
New electronics
Installation or change of heated bed
· Firmware update


If your printer is not working as it should, we repair it and leave it as good as new.
· Cleaning and lubrication
Change of bearings and belts
Change of screens and electronics
· Plastic unblocking in the hotend


We calibrate your printer so that it prints perfectly.
· E-steps and drivers current
bed leveling
Belt tension


Our work and materials are guaranteed.

*Only available in Argentine territory.

Do you need Technical Service? Write us!*

    *Only available in Argentine territory.